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, 49 Suppl 8, 14-6

KetoCalculator: A Web-Based Calculator for the Ketogenic Diet


KetoCalculator: A Web-Based Calculator for the Ketogenic Diet

Beth Zupec-Kania. Epilepsia.


The classic ketogenic diet (KD) is a mathematically calculated diet with specific daily goals of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. Precise quantities of foods are then derived from these values which result in meal plans for the individual patient. The algebraic algorithm to determine a single meal requires approximately 35 calculations. This process is time consuming given that each individual requires many meals for variety and satisfaction. Computer applications can process multiple calculations in seconds. In 1997, a program was designed by this author with LifeTime Computing, a computer software company. This program was rebuilt into digital format in 2002, given the title KetoCalculator, and made available to registered dietitians on the World Wide Web (Zupec-Kania, 2002).

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