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, 105 (50), 19565-6

Opening and Closing the Metabolite Gate


Opening and Closing the Metabolite Gate

Susanna Törnroth-Horsefield et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.

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The authors declare no conflict of interest.


Fig. 1.
Fig. 1.
Conformational flexibility within the N-terminal region of VDAC and its putative role in gating. (A) Diagram and surface representation of the X-ray structure of mVDAC1 to 2.3-Å resolution (8). (B) Proposed model for the closed conformation (8). A space-filling model for ATP indicates its size relative to the pore diameter. A path through VDAC that is sufficiently large for ATP to pass becomes partially occluded in the putative closed conformation.

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