Sensory nerve action potential abnormalities in neuralgic amyotrophy: a report of 18 cases

J Clin Neuromuscul Dis. 2002 Dec;4(2):45-9. doi: 10.1097/00131402-200212000-00001.


Purpose: To report patients with neuralgic amyotrophy (NA) and abnormal sensory nerve action potentials (SNAP).

Methods: A retrospective study of NA cases diagnosed in electrodiagnostic evaluation during a 5-year period found 18 patients with 23 abnormal SNAP. Clinical and neurophysiological records were reviewed. NA was diagnosed according to clinical features and disease course. Radiologic and laboratory investigations were conducted to rule out other disorders.

Results: The 23 individual sensory nerve lesions were 8 median, 5 radial, 4 ulnar, and 6 lateral antebrachial nerves.

Conclusions: Our findings suggest that clinical and electrodiagnostic sensory involvement in NA is not uncommon and may be a prominent feature. They confirm that the most typical pattern of NA is mononeuritis or mononeuritis multiplex, and that the frequent lack of sensory deficit is because the lesions usually affect pure motor proximal or distal nerves.