Modified Fabry-Perot interferometric method for waveguide loss measurement

Appl Opt. 2008 Dec 10;47(35):6625-30. doi: 10.1364/ao.47.006625.


An extension to the Fabry-Perot interferometric method is demonstrated to calculate the optical loss and the reflectivity for optical waveguides simultaneously. The method uses an excitation of the waveguide with a broadband amplified spontaneous emission source (a superluminescent diode in our case) and curve fitting to account for the change of input power, thereby simplifying the measurement procedure. The use of a broadband source as opposed to tunable lasers allows for simultaneous measurements over multiple wavelengths and decreased sensitivity to reflections in the cavity. Further, waveguides of different lengths are measured to calculate the optical loss and the reflectivity simultaneously. It is shown that, if the value for reflectivity is assumed, there could be a large error in the measurement of loss especially for short waveguides. Optical loss for ridge waveguides is measured and compared by using a tunable laser as the input source. The method can be used for a generic case where it is suspected that the input power changes during the measurement.