High-power, continuous-wave, second-harmonic generation at 532 nm in periodically poled KTiOPO(4)

Opt Lett. 2008 Dec 15;33(24):2955-7. doi: 10.1364/ol.33.002955.


We report efficient generation of high-power, cw, single-frequency radiation in the green in a simple, compact configuration based on single-pass, second-harmonic generation of a cw ytterbium fiber laser at 1064 nm in periodically poled KTiOPO(4). Using a crystal containing a 17 mm single grating with period of 9.01 microm, we generate 6.2 W of cw radiation at 532 nm for a fundamental power of 29.75 W at a single-pass conversion efficiency of 20.8%. Over the entire range of pump powers, the generated green output is single frequency with a linewidth of 8.5 MHz and has a TEM(00) spatial profile with M(2)<1.34. The demonstrated green power can be further improved by proper thermal management of crystal heating effects at higher pump powers and also by optimized design of the grating period to include thermal issues.