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, 6 (12), 2627-30

"It's Ok, We're Not Cousins by Blood": The Cousin Marriage Controversy in Historical Perspective


"It's Ok, We're Not Cousins by Blood": The Cousin Marriage Controversy in Historical Perspective

Diane B Paul et al. PLoS Biol.


Marriage between first cousins is highly stigmatized in the West and, indeed, is illegal in 31 US states. But is the hostility to such marriage scientifically well-grounded?


Figure 1
Figure 1. Map of the United States Showing States with Laws Forbidding First-Cousin Marriage
Different colors reflect differences in the timing of passage of the laws. Colorado is shaded because its law was repealed. White states never had such bans.
Figure 2
Figure 2. A Beer Advertisement from New Zealand, Part of a Humorous Series

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