Microtubule nucleation at the cis-side of the Golgi apparatus requires AKAP450 and GM130

EMBO J. 2009 Apr 22;28(8):1016-28. doi: 10.1038/emboj.2009.47. Epub 2009 Feb 26.


We report that microtubule (MT) nucleation at the Golgi apparatus requires AKAP450, a centrosomal gamma-TuRC-interacting protein that also forms a distinct network associated with the Golgi. Depletion of AKAP450 abolished MT nucleation at the Golgi, whereas depletion of the cis-Golgi protein GM130 led to the disorganisation of AKAP450 network and impairment of MT nucleation. Brefeldin-A treatment induced relocalisation of AKAP450 to ER exit sites and concomitant redistribution of MT nucleation capacity to the ER. AKAP450 specifically binds the cis-side of the Golgi in an MT-independent, GM130-dependent manner. Short AKAP450-dependent growing MTs are covered by CLASP2. Like for centrosome, dynein/dynactin complexes are necessary to anchor MTs growing from the Golgi. We further show that Golgi-associated AKAP450 has a role in cell migration rather than in cell polarisation of the centrosome-Golgi apparatus. We propose that the recruitment of AKAP450 on the Golgi membranes through GM130 allows centrosome-associated nucleating activity to extend to the Golgi, to control the assembly of subsets of MTs ensuring specific functions within the Golgi or for transporting specific cargos to the cell periphery.

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