Greenhouse Studies on the Effect of Marigolds (Tagetes spp.) on Four Meloidogyne Species

J Nematol. 1999 Mar;31(1):62-9.


The effects of preplanted marigold on tomato root galling and multiplication of Meloidogyne incognita, M. javanica, M. arenaria, and M. hapla were studied. Marigold cultivars of Tagetes patula, T. erecta, T. signata, and a Tagetes hybrid all reduced galling and numbers of second-stage juveniles in subsequent tomato compared to the tomato-tomato control. All four Meloidogyne spp. reproduced on T. signata 'Tangerine Gem'. Several cultivars of T. patula and T. erecta suppressed galling and reproduction of Meloidogyne spp. on tomato to levels lower than or comparable to a fallow control. Phytotoxic effects of marigold on tomato were not observed. Several of the tested marigold cultivars are ready for full-scale field evaluation against Meloidogyne spp.

Keywords: Meloidogyne arenaria; Meloidogyne hapla; Meloidogyne incognita; Meloidogyne javanica; Tagetes erecta; Tagetes patula; Tagetes signata; control; marigold; nematode; root-knot nematodes.