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, 160 (4), 988-1003

Recent Advances in Microbial Raw Starch Degrading Enzymes


Recent Advances in Microbial Raw Starch Degrading Enzymes

Haiyan Sun et al. Appl Biochem Biotechnol.


Raw starch degrading enzymes (RSDE) refer to enzymes that can directly degrade raw starch granules below the gelatinization temperature of starch. These promising enzymes can significantly reduce energy and simplify the process in starch industry. RSDE are ubiquitous and produced by plants, animals, and microorganisms. However, microbial sources are the most preferred one for large-scale production. During the past few decades, RSDE have been studied extensively. This paper reviews the recent development in the production, purification, properties, and application of microbial RSDE. This is the first review on microbial RSDE to date.

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