Relationship of grapevine yield and growth to nematode densities

J Nematol. 1975 Jul;7(3):295-304.


Yield, growth, and vigor of individual grape vines were correlated with nematode population densities in a series of California vineyards. In a Hanford sandy loam soil, Xiphinema americanum densities showed negative correlations with yield, growth, and vigor of vines. When vines were categorized according to vigor, X. americanurn densities had little relationship to yield of high-vigor vines, but were negatively correlated with yield of low-vigor vines. Densities of Paratylenchus harnatus were positively correlated with yield, growth, and vigor of vines. Correlations between Meloidogyne spp. densities and vine performance were variable, even when the vines were separated according to soil type and plant vigor. Densities of Meloidogyne spp. populations were generally higher on coarser-textured, sandy soils and the vines were less vigorous there. Densities of P. hamatus were greater in fine-textured soils.

Keywords: Longidorus africanus; Vitis vinifera.