Low-level laser-assisted liposculpture: clinical report of 700 cases

Aesthet Surg J. 2002 Sep;22(5):451-5. doi: 10.1067/maj.2002.128622.


Background: Suction-assisted lipoplasty has limitations, particularly in dealing with fibrous areas such as the back, sides, and male chest, or when secondary lipoplasty is performed.

Objective: The use of low-level laser-assisted lipoplasty was evaluated in a series of 700 cases.

Methods: After adequate infiltration was obtained in all targeted body areas, a 635-nm electric diode laser was applied to the targeted areas for 6 to 12 minutes, depending on the specific area, to liquefy the fat, which was extracted immediately after laser treatment.

Results: Excellent aesthetic results, including an improved silhouette contour, smooth abdominal surface, and good skin retraction, were obtained in 95% of cases. Postoperative recovery was rapid, and complications were minimal.

Conclusions: Low-level laser-assisted lipoplasty can be a valuable adjunctive tool for the performance of lipoplasty. (Aesthetic Surg J 2002;22:451-455.).