Stripe and ring artifact removal with combined wavelet--Fourier filtering

Opt Express. 2009 May 11;17(10):8567-91. doi: 10.1364/oe.17.008567.


A fast, powerful and stable filter based on combined wavelet and Fourier analysis for the elimination of horizontal or vertical stripes in images is presented and compared with other types of destriping filters. Strict separation between artifacts and original features allowing both, suppression of the unwanted structures and high degree of preservation of the original image information is endeavoured. The results are validated by visual assessments, as well as by quantitative estimation of the image energy loss. The capabilities and the performance of the filter are tested on a number of case studies related to applications in tomographic imaging. The case studies include (i) suppression of waterfall artifacts in electron microscopy images based on focussed ion beam nanotomography, (ii) removal of different types of ring artifacts in synchrotron based X-ray microtomography and (iii) suppression of horizontal stripe artifacts from phase projections in grating interferometry.