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. 2009;13(2):140.
doi: 10.1186/cc7778. Epub 2009 Apr 30.

Recently Published Papers: Acute Kidney Injury - Diagnosis and Treatment

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Recently Published Papers: Acute Kidney Injury - Diagnosis and Treatment

Jasmine B L Lee et al. Crit Care. .
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When faced with the management of the patient on intensive care with acute kidney injury, the clinician has various choices to consider. The conventional therapy, where appropriate, is renal replacement therapy. This technique used to be relatively straightforward but now a relative feast of alternatives is available, not least in choice of buffer and anticoagulant. Two recent studies add to the growing body of literature concerning alternative anticoagulant regimes, and one in particular should lead to a change in practice for many of us. We also review some new studies on biomarkers in the diagnosis of acute kidney injury as well as add yet another nail in the coffin for loop diuretics in the therapy of acute kidney injury.

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