Velocity matching by pulse front tilting for large area THz-pulse generation

Opt Express. 2002 Oct 21;10(21):1161-6. doi: 10.1364/oe.10.001161.


We propose a generally applicable velocity matching method for THz-pulse generation by optical rectification in the range below the phonon frequency of the nonlinear material. Velocity matching is based on pulse front tilting of the ultrashort excitation pulse and is able to produce a large area THz beam. Tuning of the THz radiation by changing the tilt angle is experimentally demonstrated for a narrow line in the range between 0.8- 0.97 times the phonon frequency. According to model calculations broadband THz radiation can be generated at lower frequencies. Advantages of the new velocity matching technique in comparison to the electro-optic Cherenkov effect and non-collinear beam mixing are discussed.