Multispectral imaging using compact compound optics

Opt Express. 2004 Apr 19;12(8):1643-55. doi: 10.1364/opex.12.001643.


A very thin image capturing system called TOMBO (thin observation module by bound optics) is developed with compound-eye imaging and digital post-processing. As an application of TOMBO, a multispectral imaging system is proposed. With a specific arrangement of the optical system, spatial points can be observed by multiple photodetectors simultaneously. A filter array inserted in front of the image sensor enables observation of the spectrum of the target. The captured image is reconstructed by a modified pixel rearranging method extended to treat multi-channel spectral data, in which pixels in the captured image are geometrically rearranged onto a multi-channel virtual image plane. Experimental results of the image reconstruction show the effectiveness of the proposed system.