In-situ visualization, monitoring and analysis of electric field domain reversal process in ferroelectric crystals by digital holography

Opt Express. 2004 May 3;12(9):1832-42. doi: 10.1364/opex.12.001832.


In-situ monitoring of domain reversal in congruent lithium niobate by a digital holographic technique is described. While the ferroelectric polarization is reversed by electric field poling, the two-dimensional distribution of the phase shift, due mainly to the linear electro-optic and piezoelectric effects, is measured and visualized. Digital holography is used to reconstruct both amplitude and phase of the wavefield transmitted by the sample to reveal the phase shift induced by adjacent reversed domains during the poling. The resulting movies of both amplitude and phase maps, for in-situ visualization of domain pattern formation, are shown. The possibility of using the technique as tool for monitoring in real-time the periodic poling of patterned samples is discussed.