1.5-microm band quantum-correlated photon pair generation in dispersion-shifted fiber: suppression of noise photons by cooling fiber

Opt Express. 2005 Oct 3;13(20):7832-9. doi: 10.1364/opex.13.007832.


Spontaneous four-wave mixing in a dispersion-shifted fiber (DSF) is a promising approach for generating quantum-correlated photon pairs in the 1.5 microm band. However, it has been reported that noise photons generated by the spontaneous Raman scattering process degrade the quantum correlation of the generated photons. This paper describes the characteristics of quantum-correlated photon pair generation in a DSF cooled by liquid nitrogen. With this technique, the number of noise photons was sufficiently suppressed and the ratio of true coincidence to accidental coincidence was increased to ~30.