Comparison of reduction of edema after rest and after muscle exercises in treatment of chronic venous insufficiency

Int Arch Med. 2009 Jul 14;2(1):18. doi: 10.1186/1755-7682-2-18.


Aim: The aim of this work was to compare the reduction in edema obtained in the conservative treatment of phlebopathies after resting and after performing a muscle exercise program in the Trendelenburg position.

Methods: Twenty-eight limbs of 24 patients with venous edema of distinct etiologies and classified as between C3 and C5 using CEAP classification. Volumetric evaluation by water displacement was carried out before and after resting in the Trendelenburg position and after performing programmed muscle exercises 24 hours later under identical conditions of time, position and temperature. For the statistical analysis the paired t-test was used with an alpha error of 5% being considered acceptable.

Results: The average total volume of the lower limbs was 3,967.46 mL. The mean reduction in edema obtained after resting was 92.9 mL, and after exercises it was 135.4 mL, giving a statistically significant difference (p-value = 0.0007).

Conclusion: In conclusion, exercises are more efficient to reduce the edema of lower limbs than resting in the Trendelenburg position.