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Comparative Study
, 85 (2), 301-3

Buprenorphine and Temazepam--Abuse

Comparative Study

Buprenorphine and Temazepam--Abuse

R Hammersley et al. Br J Addict.

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  • Network-assisted Prediction of Potential Drugs for Addiction
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    Drug addiction is a chronic and complex brain disease, adding much burden on the community. Though numerous efforts have been made to identify the effective treatment, it …
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    This study reviews the available Indian literature on buprenorphine abuse. Buprenorphine was introduced in 1986; the abuse, first noticed in 1987, increased rapidly till …
  • Pattern of Buprenorphine Abuse Among Opioid Abusers in Nepal
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    Findings of the current research indicate the presence of a subgroup of patient population among opioid abusers with a history of injectable buprenorphine abuse, with cha …
  • Buprenorphine-containing Treatments: Place in the Management of Opioid Addiction
    SE Robinson. CNS Drugs 20 (9), 697-712. PMID 16953647. - Review
    Although the synthetic opioid buprenorphine has been available clinically for almost 30 years, its use has only recently become much more widespread for the treatment of …
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    BN Purdue et al. Int J Legal Med 104 (5), 289-91. PMID 1782148. - Case Reports
    An incident is reported in which 2 intravenous drug abusers died as the result of uncontrolled experimentation with intravenous injection of the common anti-hypertensive …
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