Regulation of cold signaling by sumoylation of ICE1

Plant Signal Behav. 2008 Jan;3(1):52-3. doi: 10.4161/psb.3.1.4865.


The small ubiquitin-related modifier (SUMO) E3 ligase SIZ1 is an ortholog of yeast and animal SIZ (SAP and Miz)/PIAS (protein inhibition of activated STAT) proteins, which function as transcriptional coregulators either by facilitating SUMO conjugation to substrate proteins (sumoylation) or through other mechanisms that are sumoylation independent. SIZ/PIAS-type E3 ligases function in numerous eukaryotic biological processes, including regulation of organismal responses to environmental changes. This addendum summarizes our recent paper in which it is established that the Arabidopsis E3 ligase SIZ1 mediates sumoylation of ICE1. SUMO conjugation to ICE1 facilitates ICE1 activity and stability that positively regulates CBF3/DREB1A-dependent cold signaling and freezing tolerance. Furthermore, sumoylated ICE1 represses MYB15, which is a negative regulator of CBF3/DREB1A and freezing tolerance.

Keywords: CBF/DREB1; SUMO E3 ligase; cold signaling.