Pancreatitis and diabetic ketoacidosis with quetiapine use

Psychiatry (Edgmont). 2009 May;6(5):34-7.


There have been case reports about second-generation antipsychotics causing pancreatitis. In addition, there has been a case report of pancreatitis without diabetic ketoacidosis associated with the use of quetiapine, specifically, and a case report of a patient receiving quetiapine who rapidly developed hyperglycemia and acidosis without evidence of acute or chronic pancreatitis. We present what we believe to be the first report of a patient who developed pancreatitis and life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis while receiving quetiapine.

Keywords: DKA; antipsychotics; diabetic ketoacidosis; pancreatitis; quetiapine.

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  • Case Reports