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Comparative Study
, 122 (1303), 29-38

In Vivo Interactions Between BZP and TFMPP (Party Pill Drugs)

  • PMID: 19851418
Comparative Study

In Vivo Interactions Between BZP and TFMPP (Party Pill Drugs)

Ushtana Antia et al. N Z Med J.


Aim: This study explores potential drug-drug interactions between BZP and TFMPP. This was achieved by comparing the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of BZP and TFMPP when taken together with previously published data on their individual metabolism and pharmacokinetics.

Method: Blood and urine samples were collected from seven participants given a combined dose of BZP (100 mg) and TFMPP (30 mg) and analysed by LC-MS in order to quantify the concentrations of BZP, TFMPP, and their major hydroxylated metabolites 3-OH BZP, 4-OH BZP, and 4-OH TFMPP.

Results: The metabolic profiles of both drugs were altered when co-administered. Both BZP and TFMPP lost one metabolite, 3-OH BZP and 4-OH TFMPP, respectively. Some differences in the pharmacokinetic properties of TFMPP were also noted.

Conclusion: Metabolic interactions between BZP and TFMPP are clearly observed in this study along with some changes to the pharmacokinetics of TFMPP. As these drugs are often co-administered, the interactions between them are both relevant and concerning. Awareness of these interactions can assist clinicians in understanding toxicities relating to the co-administration of BZP and TFMPP or other party pill drugs.

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