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, 14 (1), 17-22

Application of Bone Growth Factors--The Potential of Different Carrier Systems


Application of Bone Growth Factors--The Potential of Different Carrier Systems

Henning Schliephake. Oral Maxillofac Surg.


Aim: The aim of the present review was to characterize the potential of different biomaterials as carriers for bone growth factors.

Introduction: Beyond mechanical and structural characteristics, one of the features that account for a potential carrier is the possibility to couple growth factor molecules to it. As simple adsorption of the growth factor to the carrier surface by soak loading produces a burst release of growth factors with rapid decrease of biological activity, the ability to accomplish controlled release of functional growth factor molecules is one of the crucial characteristics for an appropriate carrier material.

Conclusion: The variety of carrier materials requires different strategies to either couple growth factors to the material surface or to incorporate them into the carrier matrix. The present review outlines current technical approaches and discusses future trends in the use of carrier materials for bone growth factors.

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