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, 37 (5), 1528-42

The Wound Healing Process: An Overview of the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms


The Wound Healing Process: An Overview of the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms

Tomaz Velnar et al. J Int Med Res.


Wound healing remains a challenging clinical problem and correct, efficient wound management is essential. Much effort has been focused on wound care with an emphasis on new therapeutic approaches and the development of technologies for acute and chronic wound management. Wound healing involves multiple cell populations, the extracellular matrix and the action of soluble mediators such as growth factors and cytokines. Although the process of healing is continuous, it may be arbitrarily divided into four phases: (i) coagulation and haemostasis; (ii) inflammation; (iii) proliferation; and (iv) wound remodelling with scar tissue formation. The correct approach to wound management may effectively influence the clinical outcome. This review discusses wound classification, the physiology of the wound healing process and the methods used in wound management.

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