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Case Reports
, 10 (3), 441-2

Unusual Primary Pleural Leiomyoma

Case Reports

Unusual Primary Pleural Leiomyoma

Pedro M Rodríguez et al. Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg.


Primary pleural leiomyoma is extremely rare and has only been described a few times. We present a case of a young woman with right pleuritic pain. A computed tomography confirmed the existence of a solid right pleural tumor which had compressed and displaced the lung, mediastinum and heart. Percutaneous biopsy showed a 'proliferation of smooth muscle cells without evidence of malignancy'. Surgical excision was done and the tumor was not associated to vascular, broncho-pulmonary or mediastinal structures. The definitive diagnosis was primary pleural leiomyoma. Primary pleural leiomyoma should be included in a differential diagnosis of pleural tumors and suspected in asymptomatic patients with radiologically-apparent benign tumors and the presence of smooth muscle fibers in the biopsy. Complete resection and follow-up is advised because it can grow very large and has malignant potential.

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