Localization of the centrin-related 165,000-Mr protein of PtK2 cells during the cell cycle

Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. 1991;18(1):1-14. doi: 10.1002/cm.970180102.


In this study, we follow changes in localization of the centrin-related 165,000-Mr protein of PtK2 cells during the cell cycle. This protein is a component of a pericentriolar lattice that consists of pericentriolar satellites, pericentriolar matrix, and basal feet (Baron A.T., and J.L. Salisbury, J. Cell Biol. 107:2669-2678, 1988). By immunofluorescence microscopy, the 165,000-Mr protein is seen as a constellation of pericentrosomal spots. We observe that cells in late G1 and S are characterized by a dense centrosomal focus of spots with additional spots dispersed throughout the cytoplasm. In G2, one bright centrosomal focus of clustered spots is observed. As the cells proceed through prophase this single focus divides, forming two foci that move toward opposite sides of the nucleus. During prometaphase, each polar focus of spots disperses. At metaphase, the spots are distributed throughout each half-cytoplast from the poles to the chromosomes. During anaphase chromosome movement, some spots are seen beside and behind the trailing chromosome arms while others are clustered at the poles. At telophase, pericentrosomal spots radiate from the poles to surround each mass of chromatin. In early G1, pericentrosomal spots surround each newly formed nucleus. We conclude that the 165,000-Mr protein is a dynamic component of both the centrosome (pericentriolar matrix) and the mitotic apparatus (spindle matrix).

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