Overuse tendinosis, not tendinitis part 1: a new paradigm for a difficult clinical problem

Phys Sportsmed. 2000 May;28(5):38-48. doi: 10.3810/psm.2000.05.890.


Overuse tendinopathies are common in primary care. Numerous investigators worldwide have shown that the pathology underlying these conditions is tendinosis or collagen degeneration. This applies equally in the Achilles, patellar, medial and lateral elbow, and rotator cuff tendons. If physicians acknowledge that overuse tendinopathies are due to tendinosis, as distinct from tendinitis, they must modify patient management in at least eight areas. These include adaptation of advice given when counseling, interaction with the physical therapist and athletic trainer, interpretation of imaging, choice of conservative management, and consideration of whether surgery is an option.