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. 1974 Oct 1;13(10):2300-12.
doi: 10.1364/AO.13.002300.

Flashlamp Discharge and Laser Efficiency

Flashlamp Discharge and Laser Efficiency

R H Dishington et al. Appl Opt. .


This paper presents an improvement in the method of calculating flashlamp performance and indicates how this can be used to evaluate the effect of flashlamp related system parameter changes on the efficiency of a solid state laser using such a flashlamp as a pump. It is shown that, in addition to being functions of the alpha and beta constants in the well-known theory of Markiewicz, Emmett, and Holzrichter, the normalized peak current and pulse width are also functions of the input energy. Furthermore, the product of peak current and pulse width is indicated to be the most significant factor relating lamp input and output. Finally, a curve is given for the fluorescence pumping efficiency and scaling of laser input-output levels is discussed.

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