Gromita: a fully integrated graphical user interface to gromacs 4

Bioinform Biol Insights. 2009 Sep 7;3:99-102. doi: 10.4137/bbi.s3207.


Gromita is a fully integrated and efficient graphical user interface (GUI) to the recently updated molecular dynamics suite Gromacs, version 4. Gromita is a cross-platform, perl/tcl-tk based, interactive front end designed to break the command line barrier and introduce a new user-friendly environment to run molecular dynamics simulations through Gromacs. Our GUI features a novel workflow interface that guides the user through each logical step of the molecular dynamics setup process, making it accessible to both advanced and novice users. This tool provides a seamless interface to the Gromacs package, while providing enhanced functionality by speeding up and simplifying the task of setting up molecular dynamics simulations of biological systems. Gromita can be freely downloaded from

Keywords: cross-platform; graphical user interface; gromacs; molecular dynamics; simulation.