Muscle type-specific effect of myostatin deficiency on myogenic regulatory factor expression in adult double-muscled Japanese Shorthorn cattle

Anim Sci J. 2009 Dec;80(6):678-85. doi: 10.1111/j.1740-0929.2009.00684.x.


To clarify muscle type-specific effect of myostatin on myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs), we examined mRNA expression of MRFs in five skeletal muscles of normal (NM) and myostatin-deficient double-muscled (DM) adult Japanese Shorthorn cattle by quantitative reverse-transcribed PCR. Among the four MRFs, namely, Myf5, MyoD, myogenin, and MRF4, MyoD expression was different among the muscles of the DM cattle (P < 0.01) but not of the NM cattle. Meanwhile, MyoD expression was significantly elevated only in masseter (MS) muscle in the DM cattle due to the myostatin deficiency (P < 0.05). Myf5 and MRF4 expression in semitendinosus (ST) was higher in the DM than in the NM cattle (P < 0.05). According to analysis of myosin heavy chain (MyHC) isoform expression, more MyHC-2x and -2a and less -slow isoforms were expressed in the longissimus and ST muscles compared to the MS muscle in both cattle (P < 0.05), but no significant difference in MyHC expression was observed between the NM and DM cattle. Taken together, myostatin has influences on Myf5 and MRF4 expression in faster-type muscles and on MyoD expression in slower-type muscles, suggesting a possible muscle type-specific effect of myostatin in skeletal muscle growth and maintenance.

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