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, 25 (6), 747-50

Efficacy and Safety of Colonic Stenting for Malignant Disease in the Elderly


Efficacy and Safety of Colonic Stenting for Malignant Disease in the Elderly

Fergal Donnellan et al. Int J Colorectal Dis.


Background: Self-expandable metal stents (SEMS) are an accepted palliation for malignant colorectal obstruction. Outcomes of stent insertion solely in older patients are unknown.

Objective: To compare outcomes of SEMS insertion for malignant colorectal disease, in older versus younger patients.

Methods: Forty-three patients were retrospectively identified as having undergone SEMS insertion for obstructing colorectal cancer. Of these, 24 were > or = 70 years of age (older patient group) and 19 were <70 years of age (younger patient group).

Results: There was no significant difference in successful SEMS insertion between the groups (88% in older versus 100% in younger patients, p > 0.05). Furthermore, the complication rate was similar in both groups (12.5% versus 26%, p > 0.10). There was no difference in median survival (113 days versus 135 days, p > 0.09).

Conclusion: Colorectal stenting for malignant disease in older patients is both safe and effective with comparative success and complication rates to a younger population.

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