No evidence for successful interspecific cross-mating of transgenic Aedes aegypti (L.) and wild type Aedes albopictus Skuse

Trop Biomed. 2009 Dec;26(3):312-9.


The natural and artificial mating of laboratory bred Aedes albopictus and transgenic Aedes aegypti RIDL-513A-Malaysian strain was conducted. The experiment consisted of crossmating of homologous Ae. aegypti RIDL female symbol X Ae. aegypti RIDL male symbol and reciprocal Ae. aegypti RIDL female symbol X Ae. albopictus WT male symbol. The other set comprised homologous Ae. albopictus WT female symbol X Ae. albopictus WT male symbol and reciprocal Ae. albopictus WT female symbol X Ae. aegypti RIDL male symbol. This study demonstrated that reproductive barriers exist between these two species. Cross insemination occurred between A. albopictus male and Ae. aegypti female and their reciprocals. There was 26.67% and 33.33% insemination rate in Ae. aegypti RIDL female cross-mating with A. albopictus WT male and Ae. albopictus female cross-mating with Ae. aegypti RIDL male, respectively. There was 0% hatchability in both directions of the reciprocals. There was also no embryonation of these eggs which were bleached. Although none of the female Ae. albopictus WT was inseminated in the cross-mating with Ae. albopictus WT female symbol X Ae. aegypti RIDL male symbol, a total of 573 eggs were obtained. The homologous mating was very productive resulting in both high insemination rate and hatchability rates. Generally there was a significantly higher insemination rate with artificial mating insemination of homologous than with artificial mating of reciprocal crosses. Interspecific mating between Ae. aegypti RIDL and Ae. albopictus wild type was not productive and no hybrid was obtained, indicating absence of horizontal transfer of introduced RIDL gene in Ae. aegypti to Ae. albopictus.

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