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, 104 (4), 041301

SQUID-based Microwave Cavity Search for Dark-Matter Axions


SQUID-based Microwave Cavity Search for Dark-Matter Axions

S J Asztalos et al. Phys Rev Lett.


Axions in the microeV mass range are a plausible cold dark-matter candidate and may be detected by their conversion into microwave photons in a resonant cavity immersed in a static magnetic field. We report the first result from such an axion search using a superconducting first-stage amplifier (SQUID) replacing a conventional GaAs field-effect transistor amplifier. This experiment excludes KSVZ dark-matter axions with masses between 3.3 microeV and 3.53 microeV and sets the stage for a definitive axion search utilizing near quantum-limited SQUID amplifiers.

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