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, 14 (6), 603-10

CIAPIN1 as a Therapeutic Target in Cancer


CIAPIN1 as a Therapeutic Target in Cancer

Xiaohua Li et al. Expert Opin Ther Targets.


Importance of the field: Cytokine-induced apoptosis inhibitor 1 (CIAPIN1) is a newly identified cytokine-induced apoptosis inhibitor, which has roles in cell division and angiogenesis. Owing to its prognostic value for human tumors and involvement in cancer progression and tumor cell resistance to anticancer agents, CIAPIN1 has been proposed as an attractive target for new anticancer interventions.

Areas covered in this review: We define CIAPIN1's potential function as a new therapeutic target for anticancer interventions and this review covers all related literature on CIAPIN1 in cancer from the past 5 years

What the reader will gain: Several preclinical studies have demonstrated that CIAPIN1 is associated with chemotherapy resistance, increased tumor recurrence and shorter patient survival in different human tumor models, making anti-CIAPIN1 therapy an attractive cancer treatment strategy. Recent studies also suggest that CIAPIN1 is expressed at low levels in some types of malignant tumors and that its overexpression may inhibit their proliferation or tumorigenesis.

Take home message: Considering that the exact expression and function of CIAPIN1 are still not well characterized and understood, better knowledge of CIAPIN1 in normal versus tumor tissues will be instrumental for the design of optimal strategies to selectively disrupt CIAPIN1 in cancer.

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