Gene mapping in marsupials: detection of an ancient autosomal gene cluster

Genomics. 1991 Apr;9(4):581-6. doi: 10.1016/0888-7543(91)90350-n.


The genes HRAS, HBB, and CAT, which are located together on the short arm of human chromosome 11, appear to be part of a conserved synteny group found in many eutherian mammals. These genes were mapped to the chromosomes of two marsupial (metatherian) species by in situ hybridization. All three genes were located together on chromosome 3 in Macropus eugenii. Only HRAS and CAT were used to probe Dasykaluta rosamondae metaphases and these genes both mapped to chromosome 4. This suggests that the HRAS-HBB-CAT gene cluster has been conserved at least since the metatherians and eutherians diverged some 130 million years ago. These findings support the concept of a mammalian genome that has remained highly conserved throughout evolution.

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