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, 11 (7), 514-22

100 Years of Drosophila Research and Its Impact on Vertebrate Neuroscience: A History Lesson for the Future


100 Years of Drosophila Research and Its Impact on Vertebrate Neuroscience: A History Lesson for the Future

Hugo J Bellen et al. Nat Rev Neurosci.


Discoveries in fruit flies have greatly contributed to our understanding of neuroscience. The use of an unparalleled wealth of tools, many of which originated between 1910–1960, has enabled milestone discoveries in nervous system development and function. Such findings have triggered and guided many research efforts in vertebrate neuroscience. After 100 years, fruit flies continue to be the choice model system for many neuroscientists. The combinational use of powerful research tools will ensure that this model organism will continue to lead to key discoveries that will impact vertebrate neuroscience.


Boxes with green borders indicate the development of important tools and methods; boxes with purple borders indicate the discovery of genes involved in nervous system development; boxes with blue borders indicate events related to genes involved in behavior; and boxes with orange borders indicate events related to proteins that affect nervous system function. For more details see Box 1.

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