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, 372 (4), 255-62

Interaction Between Squash Inhibitors and Bovine Trypsinogen


Interaction Between Squash Inhibitors and Bovine Trypsinogen

T Zbyryt et al. Biol Chem Hoppe Seyler.


Squash seeds proteinase inhibitors form stoichiometric complexes with bovine trypsinogen. In terms of association constants (Ka), the interaction is weak. The inhibitors bind to the zymogen with Ka values of approx. 10(4)M-1 i.e. 2 X 10(7) times weaker than to bovine beta-trypsin. Squash inhibitor with Lys at the P1 position binds to trypsinogen with a Ka value 2.1-fold higher than the inhibitor with Arg at P1. The Ile-Val binding cleft and the Ca2+ binding site of trypsinogen are cooperatively linked to the inhibitor binding site. Although these three sites are spatially separated, either binding of calcium ion or Ile-Val dipeptide to trypsinogen increase the Ka values 3-fold and more than 100-fold, respectively. In the presence of Ile-Val trypsinogen resynthetizes extremely slowly (about 10(4) times slower than beta-trypsin) the reactive site peptide bond in squash inhibitors.

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