Our Preliminary Experience with LMA C-Trach

Indian J Anaesth. 2009 Jun;53(3):312-7.


The LMA CTrach is a variant of the intubating LMA. It provides visualization of larynx during intubation and is a promising addition to airway management cart. A preliminary study of 20 patients posted for elective surgery requiring GA were enrolled for the study. Their age ranged from 16-60 years, weight ranged from 45 to 65 kg, and they were belonging to ASA PS I & II with normal airways. Conventional general anaesthesia was administered in all the cases. The success rate and attempt of insertion of CTrach and ETT were observed. Viewing of larynx was graded as good, acceptable and poor. Requirement of manipulations was also noted down. Time for insertion of CTrach and ETT, view of larynx and complete procedure were noted down. We successfully inserted LMA CTrach at first attempt in all the patients within 36.75 +/- 2.12 sec and ventilation was possible in all cases. We were able to view larynx in majority of cases (95%), while in 1 patient (5%), we could not view the larynx even after manipulations, although ET intubation was successful in that case. Time required for viewing of larynx was 240.2 +/- 10.5 sec. Manipulation of LMA was required in 40% cases to obtain good view. ET intubation was done at first attempt in all the patients within 60.5 +/- 5.15 sec. The time required for complete procedure was 347.75 +/- 10.55 seconds. None of our patient had any complications and haemodynamic parameters and SpO(2) remained within normal limits throughout the procedure. The post operative period was uneventful. We successfully ventilated and intubated all the patients using LMA CTrach.

Keywords: Anaesthesia:GA; Equipment; airway; LMA CTrach and ETT.