Genus Hamigera, six new species and multilocus DNA sequence based phylogeny

Mycologia. 2010 Jul-Aug;102(4):847-64. doi: 10.3852/09-268.


Genus Hamigera was erected for Talaro-myces species that make asci singly instead of in chains. Initially it contained two species, H. avellanea and H. striata. We describe six new species in the genus, H. fusca, H. inflata, H. insecticola, H. pallida, H. paravellanea and H. terricola. Merimbla ingelheimensis is a distinct anamorphic species in the Hamigera clade. None of our DNA sequence data (BT2, calmodulin, ITS, 1su rDNA, RPB2, Tsr1 and Mcm7) supported the placement of H. striata in the same clade as H. avellanea, thus we accepted Talaromyces striatus. In addition to Hamigera species we examined the phylogenetic disposition of Warcupiella spinulosa, Penicillium megasporum, Penicillium arenicola and Merimbla humicoloides. Despite nominal similarity of some of these species to Merimbla, none of these species are part of the Hamigera clade and M. humicoloides is placed in Penicillium to have a monophyletic genus Hamigera.

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