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, 2 (8), 678-83

A Layered Ionic Crystal of Polar Li@C(60) Superatoms


A Layered Ionic Crystal of Polar Li@C(60) Superatoms

Shinobu Aoyagi et al. Nat Chem.


If the physical properties of C(60) fullerene molecules can be controlled in C(60) products already in use in various applications, the potential for industrial development will be significant. Encapsulation of a metal atom in the C(60) fullerene molecule is a promising way to control its physical properties. However, the isolation of C(60)-based metallofullerenes has been difficult due to their insolubility. Here, we report the complete isolation and determination of the molecular and crystal structure of polar cationic Li@C(60) metallofullerene. The physical and chemical properties of Li@C(60) cation are compared with those of pristine C(60). It is found that the lithium cation is located at off-centre positions in the C(60)-I(h) cage interior and that the [Li(+)@C(60)] salt has a unique two-dimensional structure. The present method of purification and crystallization of C(60)-based metallofullerenes provides a new C(60) fullerene material that contains a metal atom.

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