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Randomized Controlled Trial
. 2010 Aug;22(3):196-204.

OROS Methylphenidate in the Treatment of Adults With ADHD: A 6-month, Open-Label, Follow-Up Study

  • PMID: 20680193
Randomized Controlled Trial

OROS Methylphenidate in the Treatment of Adults With ADHD: A 6-month, Open-Label, Follow-Up Study

Barrie K Marchant et al. Ann Clin Psychiatry. .


Background: This open-label trial followed a previously reported randomized, placebo-controlled trial of osmotic release oral system (OROS) methylphenidate (MPH) for the treatment of personality disorder (PD). Important findings from the double-blind phase are reexamined for long-term significance.

Methods: Of 41 patients who completed the double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 34 continued into this open-label phase. The Wender-Reimherr Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Scale (WRAADDS) measured outcome. Patients were categorized using previously defined attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) groups: ADHD alone, ADHD with emotional dysregulation (ADHD + ED), and ADHD plus emotional dysregulation plus oppositional symptoms (ADHD + ED + ODD); and 3 post hoc personality categories: patients with no PD (PD-negative), patients with 1 PD (PD-positive), and patients meeting criteria for 2 or more PDs (PD-plus).

Results: Three WRAADDS-defined ADHD dimensions improved at similar levels (attention + disorganization, 61%; hyperactivity + impulsivity, 60%; and emotional dysregulation, 66%). All ADHD subgroups (ADHD alone, ADHD + ED, and ADHD + ED + ODD) improved. ADHD + ED + ODD patients had the highest level of social maladjustment at baseline and showed the most long-term improvement in this area. PD-plus patients were less likely to complete the study or show improvement. Sixty-five percent of treatment responders were on moderate doses (< or =54 mg/d) of OROS MPH. Vital signs and ECGs did not differ from baseline.

Conclusions: Eighteen (44%) patients completed the trial. All 3 ADHD dimensions showed similar, well-maintained improvement. Patients with several PDs responded poorly to treatment in this small trial.

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