The potential of drama and songs as channels for AIDS education in Africa: a report on focus group findings from ghana

Int Q Community Health Educ. 1991 Jan 1;12(4):317-42. doi: 10.2190/YEA6-YNNB-FTJX-GU0X.


Among those concerned with fighting AIDS worldwide, it is agreed that the best weapon to change people's behavior is education. In this educational effort, all available channels have to be explored. In Ghana, the Health Education Division (HED) of the Ministry of Health set up three drama troupes to carry out AIDS education on a pilot basis. This study evaluates the impact of one of the troupes on AIDS knowledge, attitude and behavior using the focus group research approach. The findings confirm that drama about a well thought out AIDS-related theme does increase knowledge about AIDS and promotes commendable attitudes toward AIDS. It could also lead to changes in sexual behavior. The study also revealed that songs with AIDS-related themes could serve as important cues to "healthful" action in the environment by reminding listeners to adopt safer sexual behaviors.