Ectopic generation of impulses and cross-talk in spinal nerve roots of "dystrophic" mice

Ann Neurol. 1978 Apr;3(4):351-7. doi: 10.1002/ana.410030413.


In "dystrophic" mice, many spinal root axons are bare and closely apposed to one another in midroot. The direction of nerve impulse traffic in lubosacral spinal nerve roots was determined by biphasic recording of spontaneous activity. In normal mice, impulse traffic in dorsal and ventral roots is directed toward and away from the spinal cord, respectively. However, in spinal root fibers of dystrophic mice, impulses also originate in midroot and are propagated toward both the spinal cord and the periphery. Impulses originate in midroot as single isolated events, in bursts at frequencies of up to 100 Hz, or as continuous activity persisting for several minutes in single fibers. Ectopically arising activity in some single fibers is consistently associated with transmission of an impulse in another fiber past the site of origin of the ectopically arising impulse. Thus impulses arise in the spinal root axons of dystrophic mice both spontaneously and as a result of cross-talk between single fibers.

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