Effect of low back pain on postural stability in younger women: influence of visual deprivation

J Bodyw Mov Ther. 2010 Oct;14(4):361-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jbmt.2009.06.007. Epub 2009 Jul 25.


This study investigated the effect of low back pain (LBP) on body balance during normal and visual deprivation during standing in a LBP group (10 women) and a control group (10 women). A 3-D force plate was used to measure the center of pressure (COP) anteroposterior and mediolateral displacements, and resultant velocity. ANOVA was used to compare situations. LPB group presented higher amplitudes of COP for anterioposterior direction (p<0.01) in conditions of open (3.07 ± 0.53 cm) and closed eyes (3.70 ± 0.71 cm) than healthy women (1.39 ± 0.17 cm and 1.75 ± 0.36 cm, for open and closed eyes, respectively). Similar results were found for COP involving mediolateralsway. The resultant COP velocity was larger for LBP group (p<0.05) when visual information was removed (3.03 ± 0.68 m/s and 3.63 ± 1.33 m/s for LBP and healthy women, respectively). LBP influenced the stability of young women during quiet standing, and the visual deprivation appears to reinforce LBP effects.

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