The intrinsic electro-gravitational mechanism of life, the basis of neoplasia, and the clinical method of repair

Panminerva Med. 1990 Oct-Dec;32(4):159-71.


The fundamental intrinsic electro-gravitational (neutrino-photon-phonon transduction) mechanism of human life is proposed. The essential physico-mathematical model for chemical electromagnetic photon-phonon conversions in human systems is presented, the underpinning of which is Jacobson resonance which is represented by mc2 = Bvl coulomb. This equation sets in dual resonance gravitational potential and electromagnetic potential. Basic EM interactions occurring in human systems produce gravity waves through elastic deformation of the gravitational field, thus promulgating a monopolar wave which results in a quantized vibration of the crystalline lattices of particulate masses. An essential feature of this presentation is the demonstration of how the ultrafine interactions in the human system propagates the regulation of the atomic crystalline lattice structures of critical molecules to metabolism and segments of the bioelectric connectional system described by F. Bistolfi. Also maintained are thermonuclear fusions in the midst of genomic and mitochondrial DNA to therein maintain the integrity of growth, development and repair. Furthermore, we demonstrate how fundamental thermal noise is a concomitant manifestation with weak electric and magnetic fields being propitiated by terrestrial and inertial interactions of the human being with the geomagnetic field and flux densities permeating outer space. The finding is that the subtle forces of life and flux densities on the order of magnitude 10(-8) gauss are the critical factors in maintaining physiological homeostasis and repair when imbalance such as cancer occurs.

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