WebFARM: web server for finite automated restriction mapping

Bioinformation. 2010 Feb 28;4(8):341-3. doi: 10.6026/97320630004341.


Restriction endonucleases are indispensable tools in molecular biology and biotechnology. Type II restriction endonucleases are part of restriction modification systems. DNA fragment extraction and restriction mapping are the basis for several biotechnological activities. WebFARM is a server application for identifying restriction endonuclease recognition sites and to give information regarding restriction mapping for given nucleotide sequences. WebFARM analyses given nucleotide sequence and identify restriction site for selected restriction endonucleases. It will also provide frequency of restriction for each restriction endonuclease.

Availability: http://webfarm.bioinfoindia.org/

Keywords: Restriction endonucleases; finite automata; pattern matching; recognition sequence; recognition site.