Anti-GD2 Strategy in the Treatment of Neuroblastoma

Drugs Future. 2010;35(8):665. doi: 10.1358/dof.2010.035.08.1513490.


The prognosis for advanced neuroblastoma remains poor with high risk of recurrence after consolidation. Therapies based on monoclonal antibodies that specifically target disialoganglioside GD2 on tumor cells are improving treatment results for high-risk neuroblastoma. This article reviews the use of anti-GD2 antibodies either as monotherapy or as part of a larger and more complex treatment approach for advanced neuroblastoma. We review how anti-GD2 antibodies can be combined with other treatments or strategies to enhance their clinical effects. Tumor resistance and other problems that decrease the efficacy of anti-GD2 antibodies are discussed. Future developments in the area of anti-GD2 immunotherapies for neuroblastoma are also addressed.