Photon-measurement density functions. Part I: Analytical forms

Appl Opt. 1995 Nov 1;34(31):7395-409. doi: 10.1364/AO.34.007395.


This paper addresses the problem of tomographic reconstruction of absorption and scattering parameters in the optical region from measurements of transilluminated light. Specifically, the question of the sensitivity of different measurement schemes on the boundary of an object to perturbations of the optical parameters within the object are addressed. The concept of a photon-sampling volume [Appl. Opt. 33, 448 (1994)] and a photon-hitting density [Appl. Opt. 32, 448 (1993)] is extended to a photon-measurement density function (PMDF). The PMDF is derived from the Green's function of the diffusion equation and can be expressed for measurements such as the time-varying intensity, integrated intensity, temporal moments, and phase shift, as well as for both absorption and diffusion perturbations. Closed-form solutions are given for a number of these functions in infinite space, half-space, and slab geometries. Example results are given in terms of three-dimensional images.