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, 122 (5), 915-23

Fine Mapping of qSTV11TQ, a Major Gene Conferring Resistance to Rice Stripe Disease


Fine Mapping of qSTV11TQ, a Major Gene Conferring Resistance to Rice Stripe Disease

Xujiang Wu et al. Theor Appl Genet.


The indica rice cultivar, Teqing, shows a high level of resistance to rice stripe virus (RSV). It is believed that this resistance is controlled by the gene, qSTV11(TQ). For positional cloning of the resistance gene, a set of chromosome single segment substitution lines (CSSSLs) was constructed, all of which had the genetic background of the susceptible japonica cultivar, Lemont, with different single substituted segments of Teqing on chromosome 11. By identifying the resistance of the CSSSLs-2006 in a field within a heavily diseased area, the resistance gene qSTV11(TQ) was mapped between the markers Indel7 and RM229. Furthermore, in that region, six new markers were developed and 52 subregion CSSSLs (CSSSLs-2007) were constructed. The natural infection experiment was conducted again at different sites, with two replicates used in each site in order to identify the resistance phenotypes of the CSSSLs-2007 and resistant/susceptible controls in 2007. Through the results of 2007, qSTV11(TQ) was localized in a region defined by the markers, CAPs1 and Indel4. In order to further confirm the position of qSTV11(TQ), another set of subregion CSSSLs (CSSSLs-2009) was constructed. Finally, qSTV11(TQ) was localized to a 55.7 kb region containing nine annotated genes according to the genome sequence of japonica Nipponbare. The relationship between qSTV11(TQ) and Stvb-i (Hayano-Saito et al. in Theor Appl Genet 101:59-63, 2000) and the reliability of the markers used on both sides of qSTV11(TQ) for marker-assisted breeding of resistance to rice stripe disease are discussed.

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