Patterns of Mitochondrial Inheritance in the Myxogastrid Didymium Iridis

Mycologia. Nov-Dec 2002;94(6):939-46.


Seven strains of the Central American A1 mating series of Didymium iridis were crossed in all possible combinations. Individual plasmodia were isolated and grown to a stage where total DNA could be isolated for DNA-DNA hybridization with cloned mitochondrial DNA probes to determine the pattern of mitochondrial inheritance. Random, biased, and dominant patterns of uniparental mitochondrial inheritance were observed, as well as rare cases of biparental inheritance, depending on the particular parental strains mated. The diverse patterns suggest that the factors controlling mitochondrial inheritance in D. iridis are complex. Differences between trials of the same matings suggest that non-genetic factors may also influence mitochondrial inheritance.